I always dreamed oh having a workshop…

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I always dreamed of having a workshop, usually we invested an existing place, where I had the chance to create my own. On the occasion of the restoration of an old house, I had the idea of merging several pieces to create a large workshop.

From this desire, the renovation could begin. The workshop was to become a central axis. I wanted my house to be open on the workshop and vice versa. So I decided to install a large sliding glass door that would link up with the private party.

My studio had to be bright and open on nature. When I work, I see a window Loire flowing down my garden and on the other I see the tits arise in the treetops. Thus, in all discretion, I can observe the animal and plant world is an integral part of my inspiration.

It’s cold in my studio, I like the cold. Sometimes it gets me through my hands and making my movements slower. I like then superimpose clothing layers and thus in Bibendum way I attack the creation of my bestiary.

Sometimes friends, people stop and come to me. Selfishly, I must deeply love the solitude of my studio. Their intrusion bothers me, I have trouble sharing a place where I spend many hours. This solitude is important for me, it allows me to focus on the basics, refocus me. Long hours to think about while creating the world revolves around me.

Sitting on my couch, I see my studio.

In my kitchen, I see my studio.

It is central to my house.

The materials used for the renovation of my workshop were to participate in the serenity conducive to creativity: white walls to absorb as much light as possible, the metal for the contemporary side and a touch of wood to heat through.

Thanks to my studio, I resource. This is not a workplace, there is a lot to create my sculptures. From my desk I can see my old trunk full of tissues, all my paint pots are at hand, my frames are stacked in any irregularities. I may create an organized mess.

My workshop is such that I have created , much like me, sometimes cold and inaccessible , humorous thanks to an accumulation of wigs and unusual objects in all genres brief it is the only place where I am entirely free to be who I am …