New Bestiary “Bucolic”

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The collection “Bucolic” created for the Maison & Objet in September 2016 of a complete break with the previous papier mâché creations of Vivienne Maun.

Indeed, if the man has always had an important place in the Vivienne’s Bestiary, the animal has pride of place in this new series. Previously, there was a humorous link between man and animal. Sculpture, setting, decors were any pretenses to tell a story with humans.

For this new collection “Bucolic”, the animal star, the physical traits of the animal are put forward and causing the frame disappear in favor of a lighter out and replaced with a floral ornamentation.

If Cassiopeia sheep is overgrown with flowers, Aphrodite feather boa makes it even more elegant and sensual. Cat Buddha is an ode to yin and yang. Regarding Homer llama, wool is, she unraveled in order to restore its original appearance … the hair.

See the complete collection Bucolic.