Cassiopée the sheep

Cassiopée the sheep

Cassiopée the sheep



Product Description

Collection “Bucolic” Cassiopeia sheep

Cassiopeia doe is an original work created by Vivienne Maun.

This unique piece made of paper mâché is entirely handmade in France.

This decorative trophy to suspend represents a biche. This head is created from a mesh structure is then covered with many layers of paper mâché (newsprint and wallpaper paste).

Cassiopeia is then painted with acrylic paint and coated with a clear varnish.

For this new collection entitled “bucolic” sculpture is relieved of its frame and various decorative elements such as flowers, feather or wool adorn the animal.


Width: 48 cm

height: 55 cm

depth: 50 cm

Weight: 2kg

The award is intended to be hung on the wall


As an original work, made entirely by hand this sculpture is made exclusively а order, each piece is different, and photos can not be contractual in details. Any adaptation or customization, feel free to contact the artist before ordering.

Dispatched within 30 days after settlement.

The artist

“The Bestiary Vivienne” over sixty different animals was created with a sense of observation and highly developed sense of humor.

These murals give a unique style а your home …

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Vivienne Maun is a member of Ateliers d’Art de France and the House of Artists.